Our team will capture the media you need for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods

Photography, Videography and Post Production
Potential Uses: event documentation, marketing imagery, movie production, commercial production, canopy observation, erosion monitoring, site planning, real estate promotion, construction progress, more…


Complete Real Estate Marketing Package


The "complete real estate markeing package" includes all the media you need to put your property on the market, or add it to a rental website like VRBO or Homeaway. 

It includes a 30 second "teaser" video perfect for grabbing attention via social media and websites. It also includes a longer video that gives a complete overview of the home or property.  Lastly, it includes ground level video and photographs to bring the project together and focus on areas not accessible by drone. We will provide "print quality" photos sized for use on the web. In short, this is a turn key solution perfect for those needing to market their property in print or on the web.


Complete Real Estate Marketing Package - $900.00


Edited Media Packages


Edited Aerial Video Package - $750 (includes up to 3 flights)

We will ask about the goals of your project and design a flight plan that will capture the necessary media. The packages includes up to three flights / batteries and two edits.  Additional edits are $50 each


Edited Aerial Photo Package - $600 (includes up to 2 flights)

Once we understand your vision for the project we will capture the necessary media. After the shoot, we will edit the pictures in Photoshop to touch up, color correct, add your logo,and resize to your specification.


Additional Editing Charges

Edit more than 10 Photos - $75 for 10 (or $7.50 each)

Specialized coloring - $50 for 10 photos (or $5 each)


Basic Media Packages

Aerial Video Package - Raw Footage for your project - up to 4k

One Flight (10 - 12 minutes) =1 battery - $400

Two Flights (20 - 24 minutes) =2 batteries  +$100

Three Flights (30 to 36 minutes) =3 batteries + $100

*We are able to fly up to five batteries before needing to recharge


Aerial Photo Package*

One Flight (12 - 15 minutes)=1 battery - $400 

Two Flight (24 - 30 minutes)=2 batteries  +$100

Three Flights (36 to 45 minutes)=3 batteries + $100

(We can fly as many batteries as you need)


*Basic Packages do not include editing. We will give you the raw footage before we leave the site to use as you see fit. If you would like post production editing see pricing below. Mix of video and photo flights at no extra charge


Custom Media Packages

Let us know what you need and we will create a package just for you. 


Additional Costs?


Hazardous Flight Charge

Sometimes we will need to put our drone into tight spaces to capture the shot you want and the ones that will make your project more captivating. While we have the talent to pull off most shots it dramatically increases the risk to our equipment. We have priced our services as low as possible based on normal wear and tear to our equipment. The prices quoted above are based on open air flights. If we need to fly around obstacles, we will add an additional fee to compensate for the risk. If you know you are going to need us to fly in tight spaces or from a boat, please make us aware of it before the shoot so that we can understand and estimate the job.


Access Fees

We love shooting large farms and developments, but they usually add extra work in the way of hiking to, and flying from, multiple areas. The prices quoted above are based on easy access to the areas you want captured. If we need to hike multiple hours to get the necessary media, there will be an extra charge.


Travel Charges

Inside Costa Rica - $25 an hour for travel time from Uvita Costa Rica

Outside Costa Rica - Please contact us for a quote. 

Overnight charges - $120 per night



Soundtracks for Video

We prefer that you pick a song for your video's soundtrack. This is a personal choice and we have spent hours editing to a specific song we think fits the project, only to find out that the client would like something different. If you would like us to pick the music we charge an additional $200. We will send 3 options for you to choose from for the edit.  There is are a few websites that offer royalty free music. We like Incometech and


Advantages of using Drone Technology
There are many advantages of using drones over conventional aircraft like helicopters or airplanes. These include, high-resolution aerial photography, high-definition aerial videography, GPS precision flights that are repeatable, reduction of environmental impact, reduced financial costs, capture aerial imagery traditional methods cannot.


Why you should choose Aerial Media Costa Rica for your project
Aerial Media Costa Rica will carefully plan each flight before takeoff to ensure that our aerial photos and video capture the subject to your specifications. Personal safety and property protection is our top priority. We inspect our drones and complete a pre-flight checklist before each and every flight. 


We are passionate about aerial photography and videography. We approach each project through the eyes of our clients and work with them to provide the assets they need on time, and within budget. We look forward to learning more about your project and offering our ideas on how to use drone technology to meet your specific photography and video needs.