Envision Festival Costa Rica Aerial Photography

Envision Festival 2015 - Daily Recaps - Aerial Video

The Envision Festival hired our team to shoot aerial video and photography of the 2015 event. Our job was to do "daily recap edits" This means that we shot video and photos day and night, then edited the footage throughout the early morning hours so that we could have a finished video edited and posted online by our deadline each day. It was an exciting job, full of amazing scenes as you will see if you watch the videos below. The Envision Festival brings some of the best aerial silk performers from around the world that perform with live DJ's. The dance groups and acrobatic yoga troops were also amazing to watch and, some of the best footage came from fire spinners, hoola-hoopers, and other light dancers.  Enjoy these short videos featuring aerial video and photography of Envision Festival 2015 in Costa Rica. 

Envision Festival, Costa Rica, Daily Edit 1 What Do You Envision?

Envision Festival, Costa Rica, Daily - Edit 2 "Are You Ready"?

Envision Festival, Costa Rica, Daily - Edit 3 "It's On"!

Envision Festival, Costa Rica - Daily Edit 4 - "Performers"

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