Example of Aerial Photo - Pre and Post Production

Most cameras these days can capture amazing photos and video but even the most expensive ones can benefit from editing. Post production editing brings out the best in the recorded data. While RAW file format is the easiest to manipulate during post production and allows you to change just about everything other than the subject matter, you can do some wonderful things with JPEG files too. The benefits of JPEG files over RAW files include they can be viewed with almost any photo program and, the file sizes are much smaller and therefore easier to share. We usually provide our clients with JPEG files for these reasons. Today I wanted to show you two photos. One JPEG that came directly from our GoPro Hero 3 Black and the other that was edited using Adobe Photoshop's powerful tools. Let's take a look at the differences.

The top aerial photo was taken at Casa Maria Vacation Rental in Uvita. As you can see the sky is a little washed out, the horizon is rounded because of the wide angle and while the jungle is green, it does not have the almost neon look or contrast that you see in real life.

Aerial Media-Aerial-Casa-Maria.JPG
Aerial Media-edit-casa-maria.png

The bottom photo is the same as the top photo but went through our post production process using Adobe Photoshop. As you can see the colors are much more rich than the top photo. The horizon stands out and there is contract between it and the sky. The jungle is more dynamic and the light is warmer. All these things make for a much improved photo. This process takes some time but allowing us to do this will achieve the best photos for your project.


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