Can Aerial Photos Help You Make Money?

Today we had the pleasure of working for a nice couple, the Shriwises, that owns a rental home in Uvita Costa Rica. Their 5-bedroom home sits on a land peninsula with sloping hills running towards the ocean on three sides and a tall, jungle covered mountain hovering above the home on the fourth. The dramatic topography makes it hard to get quality exterior photos of the house. Thankfully, a good friend of ours heard about the Shriwise's dilemma and told them about Airography and the possibilities of our aerial photography service.

The Shriwises needed photos for their and listings. They said that the lack of good photos has been negatively impacting their occupancy rates. They were receiving emails from possible clients that showed interest but, they were having a hard time cementing rentals.

We took flight today in excellent light and shot about 150 photos of the main house, guest house, and property. We sat down with them and showed them a few un-edited aerial photos before we left and were thrilled with the results. They had never seen their property from the angles we were able to capture. Needless to say, they gained a new respect for aerial photography.

We will update this blog soon and answer the question, "do aerial photos help you make money" but, after looking at their current VRBO page, we think that our photos will take their listing to another level, and they should see an uptick in reservations. Aerial Media Costa Rica to the rescue!

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