Stumplife Adventures: An Ampumentary

Roughly nine months ago a good friend of ours was in a terrible, motorcycle versus car accident, and lost his leg. Scotti owned and guided at an adventure company in Uvita Costa Rica, called Costa Canyoning. Most people would go into a dark place after such an accident, but Scotti aka Stumplife got up, dusted himself off and has worked hard to get back in the game of life. The other day we went down the canyon to capture his first day back in the river he loves so much. We had a fun day watching him take his first step off the waterfall and into being an adventure guide again. Enjoy this trailer of Stumplife Adventures An Ampumentary. The full-length version will be on Youtube December 5th, exactly one year after his accident.

#stumplife #aerialvideo #costacanyoning #jungle #river #costarica #uvita

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