Villas Alturas - Costa Ballena - Aerial Video

The Costa Ballena coastline that stretches from Dominical in the north to Ojochal in the south is packed with beautiful beaches, flowing rivers, verdant jungle and tons of hotels and rental houses. This area became the new hotspot in Costa Rica when HWY 34 cut a once grueling five-hour drive to Costa Ballena down to two and half. Many new hotels have opened to cater to the influx of travelers, but none is more attractive than Villas Alturas. Situated at the top of Escaleres mountain, Villas Alturas has epic views of the southern coastline and is a place where you can sit by the pool with an umbrella drink in hand and watch ballena whales play in the ocean below. The new owners have updated Villas Alturas with more than paint and elbow grease. The place looks brand new. The menu is full of delicious dishes and the addition of the Villas Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary offers guest a chance to enjoy exotic animals up close and personally before they are introduced back into the wild. Our crew was invited to the grand opening of the Villas Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary. At first we were skeptical that this was just a zoo that was holding animals for profit. After a few minutes of listening to the stories of survival and seeing the love the managing director Mike has for every animal there, we were relieved and understood that they are working to save animals lives, rehabilitate them and then release them back into nature when possible. We heard stories of monkeys that were rescued from dirtbags that kept them on leashes in a yard for 20 years, scarlet macaws that were brought to them in shoeboxes inches from death, pazotes left for dead, and many more heartbreaking stories. It moved us to help, and we are going to produce a promo video to help raise awareness for this amazing effort. Stay tuned to our pages for the release of Villas Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary but for now enjoy this video of Villas Alturas.


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