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Diamante Verde Canyoning Tour

The majority of our clients come to us for real estate promotion. We love shooting property, but when Diamante Verde Tours called and said they wanted us to produce a promo video for their canyoning tour we were beyond excited. We decided to bring in our good friend Ben Fagan from Shyne Media in Charleston South Carolina to help with this project. His expertise in capturing compelling video and the fact that he has a home close to the Diamante River, where the tour takes place, made this a match made in heaven.

The tour starts at Diamante Verde's office in Tinamastes, a small mountain town about 20 minutes from Dominical. The guides fit everyone with the proper equipment and takes those that haven't rappelled to a small hill to show them the basics in a safe setting. Once everyone is confident that they can navigate the tour, everyone is loaded into a truck and driven 10 minutes into the Diamante valley.

The Fun Begins

The start of the tour is fairly mellow. The guides are positioned in the front and back of the group in order to keep an eye on everyone and to point out the exotic flora and fauna found on the banks of the river. After 25 minutes of mellow river trekking, the tour starts to get extreme. We descended into a gorge with 50 foot walls and hundreds of feet of jungle canopy surrounding our group. We swam through numerous pools, slide across rocks and watched jungle animals play. As soon as we started to get used to the tour BAM, we were standing at the top of a 50 foot waterfall. It was time to use our newly learned rappelling skills.

Watch the Video

We did our best to capture the majesty of the canyon but the tour is more extreme than the video captured. Every 5 minutes we heard people in the group say, "This is the coolest thing I've ever done". We happen to agree! If you are in the Dominical / Costa Ballena region, you should definitely contact Diamante Verde Tours for a fun day of adrenalin rushes.


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