Traveling Costa Rica with Skate and Surf Pros "The Balance Movie"

One of the first major projects we were a part of was a surf, skate, snowboarding video called “The Balance Movie”. To say it was fun to travel around with some of the best skaters and surfers on the planet: Austen Sweetin, Louie Barletta, Mark Appleyard and Paul Hart, Carlos Munoz, Noe McGonagle, Leilahni McGonagle, Leon Glatzer and Samuel Reidy would be an understatement. We had the time of our lives. Our crew followed these athletes around Costa Rica’s beautiful coastline to find kilometer long waves and into the mountainous interior to find skate ramps and friendly people.

It was the first time I’ve been around this level of skating and it was fun to watch. I would catch myself cringing as they busted their butts trying a variety of tricks for the cameras. Go big or go home was an often heard comment passed between the skaters and they definitely rose to the occasion. You can check out a quick Instagram edit from the skate section of “The Balance Movie” by clicking the link here.

I grew up surfing and watching surf videos so it has always been a dream of mine to shoot a surf flick. Well I would love to be in the surf video but no one wants to watch me surf so being behind the camera was amazing. We traveled to Pavones to shoot the longest wave in the country. It’s almost 2km long on a good day so we had plenty of sections to play with and capture some fun footage. Check out the surf section of “The Balance Movie” by clicking the link here.

We’re stoked to be able to share some of the movie in short clips on our website but we highly recommend finding it on iTunes and watching the entire movie. You will travel to Costa Rica, Japan, Russia and more via amazing footage shot by a great crew and our friends: Taylor Loughran, Paul Reid, Matteo Cossovich amongst others.

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