Working with non-profits to end poverty in the coffee sector

Our work allows us to rub elbows with some interesting people. A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of working alongside the fine people at Enveritas, a non-profit dedicated to ending poverty in the coffee sector by 2030. Their belief that the pathway to sustainability starts with the ground truth guides their business practices and approach to doing business with small batch coffee farmers around the world. Enveritas has revolutionized the way sustainable practices are verified in the coffee industry. They were going through a re-branding and decided to work with us to create a seven second video to be showcased on their website. The video adds a visual element and explains their process in an efficient way that also supports the descriptive text.

Our team spent time understanding their needs before heading into the field to shoot the video. Once the necessary media was captured we worked alongside Alice Wang from Enveritas to drill down on the edit to make sure we were delivering a quality product that supported their marketing needs. The entire video was turned around in 12 days from first contact to final delivery. We are proud to welcome Enveritas to the Aerial Media Costa Rica family. If you would like to support their efforts or learn more about the services they offer small batch coffee farmers around the world, check out

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