Our "Complete Real Estate Marketing Package" - Details and Benefits

Our goal is to provide high quality yet budget conscious media services to real estate owners and professionals. We understand your property deserves to be shown in a professional light but you don’t have a Hollywood budget to make it happen. Our aim is to satisfy your champagne tastes, on a beer budget.

So how do we do that? We have to not only work hard but we have to work smart. This obviously means learning from our past experiences and evolving new strategies. So let me share an often repeated scenario that will shed some light on why we created the Complete Real Estate Marketing Package.

Ok, it goes something like this.... A potential client contacts us saying they want aerial photos of their property for a VRBO page or real estate listing. We talk shop, come to an agreement, we do the shoot, deliver the media and all is well. A few weeks or months later the client contacts us to photograph the interior of the house. A few months later we’re contacted to shoot and edit a video.

We are always happy to hear from clients and love returning to their properties, but this piece-meal process is not as efficient as capturing all the media you’ll need at one time and preparing it for use by multiple people (i.e. real estate agents) and designing it for seamless use on any platform. (i.e. Facebook ,Instagram, VRBO, websites, and print media)

I learned over time that I was delivering virtually the same products at higher costs because i didn’t anticipate my clients future needs. Now, I always suggest the Complete Real Estate Marketing Package as the most efficient way to cover all basses. It places needed media assets at your fingertips. Ready for use by anyone, anywhere.

The Deliverables you will receive with the Complete Real Estate Marketing Package:

2 x Album of 10 -15 professionally edited photos that showcase the highlights of the property. This album is perfect for social media, vacation rental websites, real estate listings. These photos showcase the "main attractions" of the property. (one album is optimized for web use the other for print media)

1 x Album of 10-15 professionally edited photos to be used to answer additional questions about the property a potential client may ask. These are not the main draw to the property but rather supportive materials that show aspects of the property that didn't make it to the "main attractions" album.

2 x Informative Video - 1 to 2 minutes long that showcase the property’s attributes and appeal. One video will contain contact info that directs viewers towards the owner of the property or the agent of your choice. The second video will be nearly the same except we will create “bumpers” so any real estate agent or brokerage can easily add their contact info.

2 x Teaser video - 30 second to 1 minute long that uses the best shots and most appealing features of the property. This videos purpose is aimed towards social media. It's goal is to be a sharable marketing piece that directs viewers to the longer video and other links with your property's information. Like the informative video, it can feature both the owner’s contact info, and an easy way for other agents to make changes and add theirs.

The teaser video really is a powerful tool if used correctly. Your property will probably be represented by multiple real estate agencies and brokerages. If the brokerage features the informative video on their website, and the agents use the teaser on their personal social media pages to direct people to property, you gain more exposure. You have more lines in the water, each targeting a different platform or group of potential buyers. Have a look at the teaser video we linked to this post to see an nice example. If you were interested in purchasing a luxury property in Uvita would this video perk your interest?

The goal of the complete package is to anticipate our future clients’ needs and create solid solutions. We are flexible in how we approach each project but we suggest you give your future needs some thought before moving forward with your marketing project. The real estate business works differently in Costa Rica than in most places. Unless your going to sign an exclusive listing with a specific brokerage, you will want marketing assets in an easy to share format, ready for a variety of agents or potential buyers. The complete real estate marketing package is a great option.


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